New York’s Cheap Places To Go To

lxttattoo travelingOne of the famous leisure activity is tourism, though it can also be for business purposes. Problems such as absence of tour guide, place and limited time are some we tourists face. Still, budget is our top priority when organizing or planning for a tour. We want to experience our wants, dreams and desires without spending too much.

New York City has it all! Varieties of cheap New York City tours within the city which you can choose to suite your likes. If you think you have seen it all, well, you haven’t. This tours are all inside New York and lets you experience New York City like never before. All you have to do is to choose and book a date whenever you want it.

If you’re interested to have a tour around the city by foot, then Harlem Tour is the best out there for you. Discover some of New York City’s most interesting architecture, music, food and people and you get to visit famous landmarks such as The Apollo Theater and Lennox Lounge. You could also learn about Harlem’s history while enjoying yourself delicious authentic food and take note, all this for free.

Brewed in Brooklyn Tour for only 56 dollars. Within three hours and 30 minutes, you get to have a tour around a working brewery while having some beers and pizza. 19th century breweries is also part of this tour which were established by the German immigrants. Discover the German history in the neighborhood and have plenty of beer tasting while at it. This experience gives you a historical taste of New York City and beer, lots of beer.

Alternative New York Tour offers you to have a tour and see real New York City while walking through the streets of the Bowery and East Village. This tour also informs you about the musicians, writers, and artists that are responsible for shaping the culture of the people in New York City. You could also see street art and watch well known graffiti artist in action. You get to experience all this for free and you get to visit St. Marks Place, The Mosaic Hall and other sites.

If you want to see famous TV shows and movie settings for free, then Grand Central Walking Tour is the one you for you. This walking tour includes seeing magnificent sights such as the Grand Central Façade, The Whispering Gallery, The Chrystler Building, The Clock information booth, The Campbell Apartment and the Chanin Building. Discover how Central became one of the most fascinating train stations from being just a land of goat pens.

New York City has a lot to offer for tourist out there who wants to see the famous parts of the city while having fun, socializing and learning a lot about the city’s past and the people’s culture. You don’t need a lot of cash to experience all this and you don’t even need to plan your own tour. All you need to do is go to the meeting place, bring your cameras and have fun.

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