Pocket Knives

Learning about Knives

lxttattoo knivesToday there are so many different types of knives available to buy, many of them with strange sounding names, that you really have to learn a little about knives before you go out and buy one. You can, like most other things today, learn about the different knives online and if you do an amazing resource for this information is the website of the Blade Guru. Not only will that website tell you what many of the different knives are for but will also show you the results of reviews on some of them and even prices. Although there are many different knives available for use in kitchens, one of the types of knife which is becoming increasingly more popular today is the pocket knife. A pocket knife is of course a very general term as it describes any knife which has a short blade that is shielded by the handle when not in use however, even with pocket knives there are now several different types and again, some of them with strange unfamiliar names.

The OTF knife is perhaps one example. The OTF knife is a pocket knife where the blade comes straight out of the handle, parallel to the handle, hence OTF (Out the Front). This is none the less a pocket knife, it is just that the blade can be more quickly and easily accessed than it can with most other pocket knives. Another example is the EDC knife. In this instance the EDC stands for Every Day Carry but most people consider that any pocket knife can be carried every day and so what is the difference between an EDC knife and any other pocket knife you may ask. The truth is that there is very little difference however, if a manufacturer has chosen to call their knife an EDC knife, it will usually be because it has been made stronger and perhaps more durable than many other pocket knives.

An EDC knife is really recommended for those people that know they will use their pocket knife regularly, rather than just have one just in case a need arises. Because a pocket knife does have a blade that is kept in the handle when not in use, it is considered a safe knife to carry around on your person and as the blade is small but sharp, it is very versatile, able to be used in a multitude of different ways for an equal multitude of different tasks. People that do already carry a pocket knife with them, have found that they have been extremely useful in many different places; the workplace or on social occasions and even sometimes just on the street and this is the reason why more people are starting to buy and carry a pocket knife. I know that most of us would have experienced a situation where a pocket knife came in handy and were grateful that if you did not have one yourself, there was someone nearby that did.

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